• With SeraSeal, blood is clotted without additional tissue damage in record time. Every surgical theater in the world will improve with the proven results of SeraSeal.
  • SeraSeal delivers the promise of better technology to first responders.
  • First Responders worldwide need the ability to do more, at first contact, to arrest bleeding and save lives. The time for SeraSeal has come.
  • Patients, governments, health insurers and surgeons will all become more efficient and productive simply through SeraSeal. The impact will be substantial in lives and currency saved.
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Medical Advancement

SeraSeal represents a new generation of medical device, in the form of technology which improves surgical efficiency, reduces cost and dramatically impacts patient outcomes.  It is time, both ethically and economically, to usher in this new method of patient care from the outset of injury through the path of surgery and post-op care.

Every Stage of Healthcare Will Be Improved

SeraSeal is the world's first primary hemostatic agent.  By reducing blood loss, whole blood units needed, time in surgery and precious tissue, every stage of healthcare is substantially impacted.  If we truly place the lives of patients at the forefront, we use SeraSeal to stop bleeding whether in the hands of first responders or in the surgical theater.   We save countless thousands of hours of clinical time, reduce post-op pain management and preserve tissue.  Patients, medical professionals, insurance companies, governments, military troops all benefit from this product which saves both lives and money. 

FIrst Responders Need SeraSeal

SeraSeal belongs in the trained hands of every first responder in the world. By reducing a patient's blood loss from the first point of contact, it is a humanitarian issue to grant each individual the greatest opportunity for survival and preservation of tissue. SeraSeal is the proven tool, and has no peer in the landscape of modern medicine.

Welcome to Wortham Laboratories

Wortham Laboratories, Inc. is an emerging leader in hemostatic wound healing and coagulation products, which represent the next generation of modern medicine.   Our flagship products are SeraSeal and Stasis.   Our International Headquarters are located in the United States, with a distributor network which reaches across the globe.   We are pleased you are visiting today, and stand ready to serve you with exceptional products backed by outstanding technical service.