SeraSeal Outside the Clinical Setting

SeraSeal®’s ability to control Level 3 and Level 4 type hemorrhages, such as from the iliac or femoral artery, and the agent’s one component delivery system, makes it uniquely qualified to treat life-threatening wounds outside the clinical setting.  Application of SeraSeal® out in the field will significantly reduce the number of incidences of hypotensive cases, and lessen the need for infusion of blood products.  If blood products are needed for the restoration of the blood pressure on SeraSeal® treated patients, the fibrin clot will remain in situ.

Two soon to be available SeraSeal® delivery systems are recommended for field use: SeraSeal® Battlefield Dressing and SeraSeal® Foam.  The battlefield dressing is recommended for all open and gapping wounds, and the foam is designed to arrest hemorrhages in a closed cavity, such as gunshot or impalement wounds.


SeraSeal® Battlefield Dressing (Available Soon)
Remove the rolled dressing from the tyvek pouch.  Grasp the end of the rolled dressing and toss the remaining rolled dressing over the shoulder to unfurl it.  Before packing the wound, remove any pooled blood, if possible, in order to see the point of origin of the bleed.  Pack the wound by first gathering the end piece of the dressing with the thumb and fingers of one hand in a pinch like fashion.  Apply the pinched end of the dressing directly on to the site of the point of origin of the bleed.  Create direct pressure to the wound by pushing the damaged blood vessel up against the bone or muscle in the immediate area starting with the pinched end of the dressing, and with the continuous tight packing of the wound with the rolled dressing.  Transport the patient.  Unpacking the wound: Remove the majority of the packed dressing.  Soak the remaining dressing inside the wound with sterile water or saline to reduce the possibility of the fibrin clot adhering to the dressing, and for the clot to remain in situ.

SeraSeal ® Foam (Available Soon)
SeraSeal® foam can be applied to both an open or a closed type wound.  Open Wound Application: An application of foam to an open wound requires it to be a cavity type wound, or the wound is surrounded by tissue in order to contain the SeraSeal® foam.  Remove the plastic cap.  Remove any pooled blood in order to locate the point of origin of the bleed.  Point the canister actuator nozzle downward, just above the point of origin, and apply the foam directly to the wound.  Apply enough SeraSeal® foam to completely fill the wound cavity.  Place a dressing over the treated wound and secure with tape or a wrap dressing, in order to retain the foam within the wound during transport.  Closed wound application: Remove plastic cap.  Insert the canister actuator nozzle into the portal wound, and inject the SeraSeal® foam into the cavity by pressing the actuator button.  Inject all of the hemostatic foam into the cavity or until the foam begins to bubble out of the portal wound.  If there is more than one portal wound, apply SeraSeal® foam into each of the portal wounds.  This may require more than one canister of the hemostatic agent.  Transport to surgery as soon as possible.