The Stasis Story

 Stasis™, the coagulation product line from Wortham Laboratories, is FDA Approved - License #K060968 

The Stasis Story 

Although the coagulation field is a mature market with more than 15 competitors, they all provide controls and reagents in a lyophilized (i.e. freeze-dried) state.  Upon rehydration, these products have a limited shelf life.  As a result, laboratories using these products routinely discard 30-40% of their purchases due to instability. Instability also impacts the reproducibility of results (referred to herein as "percent coefficient variation" or "%CV"), which in turn impacts the quality of health care. Particularly, this instability affects the ability to effectively monitor patients on anticoagulant therapy.  A high %CV clotting time can result in patients being given too much or too little anticoagulant medication, predisposing such patients to uncontrolled bleeding, heart attacks or strokes. 

Stasis Advantages

Wortham Laboratories' Stasis line of coagulation controls and reagents are in a liquid stable state with very low %CVs, and present the following substantial advantages over the last generation products offered by competitors:

♦  No rehydration or associated down time - in contrast, rehydrated controls must sit for two to 30 minutes for the proteins to equilibrate before they may be used.

♦  One year shelf-life, thereby eliminating the historic 30-40% product loss.  In contrast, competitor products have a short shelf-life, typically eight to 24 hours, after rehydration.

♦  Very low %CVs, which lead to accurate clotting times and effective treatment.

♦  Reduced storage space, which is a premium laboratory commodity.  For example, competitor controls are provided in ten 1 ml vials, whereas Wortham Laboratories' Statis line is provided in one 10 ml bottle, reducing storage space by 90%.

♦  Repetitive freeze-thaw cycles, allowing hospital and private practice laboratories to assay the less frequent clotting test themselves, rather than sending it to a reference laboratory.  This prevents loss of revenue from those studies.   



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