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Inside the trending story of SeraSealTM

How to Apply SeraSeal

For medical practitioners and surgeons worldwide, SeraSeal represents a substantial move forward in the arrest of bleeds from all sources. In this general overview, the basics of SeraSeal are presented in “How to Apply SeraSeal,” separated by types of bleeds with important tips for proper application. SeraSeal: How to Apply…

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SeraSeal 2023 Introduction

Wortham Laboratories welcomes you to SeraSeal with this overview of the product, its purpose, its marketplace and its performance.  SeraSeal is the world’s first primary hemostatic agent, poised to cut time in surgery, reduce medical cost, lower need for post-op pain management and save lives by stopping bleeding. SeraSeal belongs…

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SeraSeal Cost Savings

Stemming the growth of healthcare cost has become a major policy priority, as government, employers, and consumers increasingly struggle to equitably distribute resources. Over the past two years in an era of pandemic, every society on the globe has faced mounting pressure to recognize and address stress points in medical…

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Need for SeraSealTM is everywhere.

SeraSealTM is the world’s first primary hemostatic agent.  Its job is to stop bleeding across the range of blood loss situations – from ordinary surface cuts and injuries to life threatening scenes where few, if any, options exist.

The necessity to arrest and manage bleeding is an “everywhere” proposition, from scheduled surgeries and emergency procedures to first responders and the battlefield.  SeraSealTM is a ready reality for this generation of medical care.
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About Wortham Laboratories

Wortham Laboratories, Inc. is an emerging leader in hemostatic wound healing and coagulation products, which represent the next generation of modern medicine.  

Our core flagship product is SeraSeal, the world’s first primary hemostatic agent.  

Our International Headquarters are located in the United States, with a distributor network which reaches across the globe.  

We are pleased you are visiting today, and stand ready to serve you with exceptional products backed by outstanding technical service.