Welcome to Wortham Laboratories

With over one million successful procedures utilizing our lead product, SeraSeal, Wortham Laboratories has proven a new generation of hemostatic agent has arrived.

  • Who we are:
    Wortham Laboratories is a privately held corporation headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Led by our CEO and chief research official, Leon Wortham, our company’s products enjoy a presence on multiple continents in dozens of nations throughout the world.

  • Research and the Future of Modern Medicine:
    Wortham Laboratories is enthusiastically involved in the research, development and manufacturing of clinical diagnostic and pharmaceutical products.

  • Humanitarian:
    The greatest contribution we can make to the medical community is to develop products which are proven to save lives, increase surgical efficiency and assist first responders from the initial point of interaction with an injured patient.   We have proven our capabilities with SeraSeal, and are prepared to help you bring success and drastically improved outcomes to your patient community.

  • Efficiency:
    Every patient, insurer, physician, hospital and government is concerned about cost.   The implementation of SeraSeal into the ordinary course of surgery represents a leap forward in time saved, reduction of blood loss and preservation of tissue.   The numbers are substantial; the stories verified over one million times.   For efficiency, safety and patient success it is time for SeraSeal to be available to every first responder, medical professional and surgeon in the world. 

Every Stage of Healthcare will be improved

SeraSeal is the world’s first primary hemostatic agent.  By reducing blood loss, whole blood units needed, time in surgery and precious tissue, every stage of healthcare is substantially impacted. 

If we truly place the lives of patients at the forefront, we use SeraSeal to stop bleeding whether in the hands of first responders or in the surgical theater.  

We save countless thousands of hours of clinical time, reduce post-op pain management and preserve tissue. 

Patients, medical professionals, insurance companies, governments, military troops all benefit from this product which saves both lives and money.