Inside SeraSeal

SeraSeal Cost Savings

Stemming the growth of healthcare cost has become a major policy priority, as government, employers, and consumers increasingly struggle to equitably distribute resources. Over the past two years in an era of pandemic, every society on the globe has faced mounting pressure to recognize and address stress points in medical […]

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SeraSeal, In Comparison

Comparison table of hemostatic agents in use: HEMOSTATIC AGENTS Device Class Time to Hemostasis Used Battlefield Used Clinical Direct Pressure Required Inflammation Ischemia Adhesions Tissue Loss Other Cauterization Primary v: 1-2 sec No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes a: 1-2 sec Suture/ Staple Primary v: 1-5 sec No Yes […]

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SeraSeal Global Advantages

SeraSeal®’s ability to achieve hemostasis in seconds not only benefits the patient but the hospitals as well, in substantial cost savings in their overhead expenses. By controlling bleeding, the need for blood transfusions is strongly reduced. When SeraSeal® is applied to a wound, it achieves hemostasis in seconds for the […]

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